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An Emergency Response to the Crisis of Poverty in America

Published:  September 29, 2010
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Congresswoman Barbara Lee

In response to the recent release of the Census Bureau's most recent poverty data, Congresswoman Barbara Lee has organized a discussion of the poverty crisis and policy options to make progress against poverty. The event will begin with a discussion of the data, provided by the Census Bureau. Then a discussion will follow focusing on these two questions:

1) What must the immediate near term response to this emergency in poverty be to forestall the nightmare of a “recession generation” that hurts the long term prosperity of the entire country, dragging down any recovery and keep millions of families trapped by low wages and no opportunity to improve their economic outlook?

2) How do we transform the delivery of safety net services to promote long term economic security, improved access to education, training and opportunity and create public, private and individual incentives that are more aligned with the policy goals that lift families up and out of poverty instead of just keeping families afloat in hard times?

The event is from 10:30AM until 12:30PM in 2175 Rayburn, the Ed and Labor Hearing Room. I'll be presenting along with Debbie Weinstein, Steve Savner, Melissa Boteach and a number of other excellent folks. The event is open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

Updated: A copy of my remarks is now available here.

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