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Interactive Data Tools Reveal New Stories on Savings in Kenya

Published:  May 25, 2012

This week, the Global Assets Project (GAP) hosted an event titled “Tracking Progress Toward Financial Inclusion”, where we along with panelists from Mix Market, the World Bank, and Georgetown University presented new data that will help guide the future of global financial inclusion. Since the event, we’ve posted a few resources that will provide a fairly extensive recap of the panel’s findings:

GAP also took the opportunity to launch its new interactive infographic on the Kenyan savings landscape. While the visualizations are based on our recently collected primary data, much of it is also from secondary sources, such as the Central Bank of Kenya and FSD Kenya.


We thought it would be interesting to take this valuable data out of the confines of a spreadsheet and present it in a way in which we can see stories emerge.The infographic provides insights into three main issue areas: savings product development, technology utilization and the astonishing emergence of commercial banks as major players in the savings for the poor landscape.

Take a few minutes to play around with the data tools provided both in the infographic and on the SPINNAKER website - tells us what stories you see (or want to see!). Reach us @globalassetsNAF or @spinnework and be sure to use #KenyaData2012.

We feel that data wrangling is an iterative process, so be sure to check back often as we will be releasing more versions of the infographic with new stories in the near future.

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