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Guest Blog Posts on The Ladder

Published:  November 8, 2012

The Asset Building Program is pleased to announce a call for guest blog contributions. Our blog functions as a repository of information about our research projects and policy proposals, provides timely news analysis and updates from the field of asset building, and regularly features the work of partner organizations.

What topics are eligible for consideration on The Ladder?

We welcome posts that explore a range of topics, including, but not limited to: income and wealth inequality; federal, state and local savings policy; the interplay of homeownership, housing policy, and wealth; savings and credit product design; the role of assets in educational outcomes; public benefits and areas for reform; retirement security and savings; and the intersection of asset issues with race, gender, or other factors.

Who can contribute a guest post?

Those with expertise in relevant fields are welcome to submit a proposal for a guest post. Posts from asset building practitioners or others with “on the ground” experience, as well as posts from advocates, researchers and those with policy-oriented experience are all welcome. Past guest posts have come from organizations like Wider Opportunities for Women, the National Disability Institute, independent community development professionals, and others.

Who is the audience of The Ladder?

The Asset Building Program blog reaches a targeted, but influential group of asset building and anti-poverty professionals. From a survey done at the end of 2011 of our web audience, about 30% were from non-profit/think tank/policy advocacy organizations, 25% were from non-profit direct service organizations, 20% were from federal, state and local government, including the legislative branch, 10% were from education/academia, and 10% were from business/private sector.  Our readers tend to use our content to keep up to date with the field. Over 75% of respondents said they utilize our web content to stay current with news and current events in the field and over 65% utilized our content to stay informed about new research and policy development in the field. In particular, respondents were interested in how asset building impacts federal policy. We welcome posts that speak more directly to any of these specific audiences.

Submission Process        

First, send us an email! In your initial note, please provide:  

  • a 3-5 sentence description of the issue your post will address;
  • any information on the time sensitivity of your proposal (for example, is it tied to legislation currently under consideration?);  
  • the best way to reach you.

We’ll be in touch and work with you to make sure the post fits the style, content, and tone of our blog. Once we’ve agreed on the content of the post and a reasonable timeline, we’ll help edit your final draft and ask for a byline for the final post. 

How long should posts be?

Posts vary in length, but typically range from 400-800 words (about one typed page, single spaced). If you are interested in more in-depth coverage of an issue, we may be able to run a “series” of two or three blog posts that build on the same topic. 

How should posts be sourced?

We ask that posts include all source information in the form of direct links to relevant journal articles, data sources, or otherwise clear attribution. Any photos used must fall under a Creative Commons license.

For additional information about submitting a guest post, contact Hannah Emple via email at emple@newamerica.net.

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