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New America NYC: Leadership, Innovation and Ideas Series Featuring Fred and Joanne Wilson

October 15, 2014

Venture capitalists Fred and Joanne Wilson join New America President and CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter in the sixth installment of our Leadership, Innovation and Ideas series. They discuss companies Fred has investments in, such as Twitter and Kickstarter, and how to make it big in the field.


The Weekly Wonk: A Different Kind of War Story

September 18, 2014

Why do veterans miss war? That's the question that has animated the latest work of Sebastian Junger, the best-selling author and filmmaker whose recent film, Korengal, picks up where his Academy Award-nominated war documentary Restrepo left off. The answer, he says, could have broad social implications.


New America NYC: Just in Time

September 16, 2014

For white-collar workers, jobs that promise flexible hours may be highly sought after. But for workers who are just getting by, the very opposite is often the case.

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