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New America Foundation's California Education Program Director Wins Reporting Award

Published:   March 11, 2010

SACRAMENTO -- Camille Esch, director of the New America Foundation's California Education Program, today received second place in the 2009 National Awards for Education Reporting for a magazine article. Her article, "Higher Ed's Bermuda Triangle," was published in The Washington Monthly's September/October 2009 issue. Hosted by the Education Writers Association (EWA), the annual contest honors the best education reporting in print and broadcast media.

The article details the obstacles faced by both students and community colleges when remedial education is needed. As Esch writes, far too many students leave high school without the skills necessary to succeed in community college, four year universities, or the workplace. These students often enroll in community colleges  needing additional skills and training, but not yet prepared for college-level work. Unfortunately, remedial coursework at community colleges has traditionally acted as a "Bermuda Triangle" for students - those who begin there often disappear from the higher education system altogether before completing a degree or training program.

Fortunately, some community colleges are making headway in improving remedial services for students. Look for the New America Foundation's upcoming case study of one innovative program in Northern Virginia that is showing with promising results, co-authored by Esch and education reporter Richard Whitmire.

The full article is available here.


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