Somalia Revisited

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  • Eliza Griswold,
  • New America Foundation
December 22, 2008 |

When the mortars began to explode overhead, the mental patients scattered like crows. On this brilliant afternoon last April, they’d been lining up in the courtyard of Mogadishu’s only functioning mental hospital, waiting for their anti-psychotics. “Doctor” Habeb--a man with six weeks of volunteer training--reached into a wooden trunk and handed out blister packs and syringes marked Phenobarbital, Risperidone, Chlorpromazine. But by the thud in their guts, the patients could tell how close the shells were falling; the mortars’ high whine and crackle made the drugs suddenly seem secondary.

President-elect Obama Faces a Tricky Task of Gaining Africa's Support | Africa Today

December 4, 2008
According to William Hartung, co-author of "Deadly Legacy: US Arms to Africa and the Congo War," a report released in 2000 by the New York-based World ...

Nigeria: Religious Riots Leave Hundreds Dead | PBS

December 3, 2008
To shed light on this tenuous coexistence and the violence it often ignites, we recommend this Atlantic cover story by Eliza Griswold, who traveled to the ...

China Fuels Repression in Darfur

August 6, 2008

New York, NY-China has been the most egregious violator of the global arms embargo on Darfur, supplying guns and ammunition to the Sudanese government that have been transferred into the region, according to a

William Hartung in AP News | "Study says China top violator of Sudan embargo"

August 6, 2008

(The AP)--China has been the "most egregious violator" of a worldwide arms embargo, providing Sudan with the vast majority of its small arms and weapons used for mass murder in Darfur province. . .

The arms and also political support are being swapped for access to the African country's oil reserves, according to a report issued on the eve of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. . .

Deadly Traffic: China's Arms Trade With The Sudan

  • By
  • William D. Hartung,
  • New America Foundation
August 5, 2008

T.A. Frank in the New Republic Online | 'The Mugabelogue'

July 2, 2008

Who's interested in Zimbabwe, and why? How should Westerners understand the situation there? And could this all be Jimmy Carter's fault? T.A. Frank and James Kirchick discussed the situation over IM...

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The Man For a New Sudan

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When Roger Winter’s single-engine Cessna Caravan touched down near the Sudanese town of Abyei on Easter morning, a crowd of desperate men swamped the plane. Some came running over the rough red airstrip. Others crammed into a microbus that barreled toward the 65-year-old Winter as he climbed down the plane’s silver ladder.

Kenya on the Brink

Monday, March 3, 2008 - 12:00pm

Kenya has drawn increasing scrutiny and absorbed U.S. policymakers' attention after the disputed results of the December election set off rounds of violence amongst political factions. During the runup to the elections, European Parliament member and Deputy Chairman of the German Liberal Democrats (FDP), Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, led an EU observer mission. As one of the first and leading voices to express doubts about the election process, he drew international attention to the electoral crisis.

God's Country

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  • Eliza Griswold,
  • New America Foundation
March 1, 2008 |

It was an ordinary soccer pitch: sparse tufts of grass and reddish soil surrounded by cinder-block homes. The two candidates stood on opposite sides of the field as the people of Yelwa, a town of 30,000 in central Nigeria, lined up behind them one May morning in 2002 to vote. Whoever had more supporters would lead the town’s council. And whoever led the council would control the certificates of indigeneship: the papers certifying that Yelwa was their home, and that they had a right there to land, jobs, and scholarships.

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