Ryan Budget Outlines Steep Cuts to Education

April 1, 2014

But because the budget sticks to the caps that Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) agreed on last fall, it could make things easier on appropriators in the coming months, said Clare McCann, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation.

“The House and Senate are actually totally aligned on the non-defense limit and the overall limit,” McCann noted. Since Murray decided to not put out a budget this year, she said, the Ryan budget could become useful messaging.

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Snowden Effect: White House, Hill Offering Reforms | Politico

March 25, 2014

“It’s definitely a touchdown for privacy advocates,” said Kevin Bankston, policy director at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute. “But we’re still in the first quarter of the game.”

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Student Loan Debt Deal Comes With Tax Catch

March 26, 2014

“Renting money has a cost,” said Jason Delisle, an education policy expert at New America. “If you're renting it from the federal government, it still has a cost.” (Also on POLITICO: Full education policy coverage). A new element of the program this ...

Universities On The Prowl A Busy Day In Congress Jindal On 'Gainful' Sig ... | Politico

March 25, 2014

A SWELL OF GRADUATE DEBT: Graduate student debt is skyrocketing, and the findings of a report by New America Foundation's Jason Delisle suggest that some of the “largest changes in student borrowing are taking place in graduate education.

Time, Not Money, At Issue for Race to Top States | Politico

March 19, 2014

States really seem to be struggling with instituting new data systems and new teacher evaluation plans, said Andy Smarick, partner at Bellwether Education. Meeting timelines has also been a bear, said Anne Hyslop, policy analyst at the New America Foundation.

“They’re making progress and they’re doing good work, but it also sounds like a lot of things haven’t gone as planned and there’s been a lot of delays,” she said.

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Barack Obama Cracks Down On For-Profit Colleges

March 14, 2014

Ben Miller, senior policy analyst at the New America Foundation, said the removal of two provisions might weaken the rule. For programs that lose their eligibility for financial aid under the administration's proposal, a provision that would have ...

New SIG Analysis Finds More of Same: Mixed Results | Politico

February 14, 2014

Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst with New America’s Education Policy Program, had a similar reaction.

“What stands out for me is that a lot of these schools are making gains and a lot of them aren’t,” she said. “That’s really troubling because this is a huge investment … if we don’t see progress, we need to consider how we structure school turnaround programs.”

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Alexander to Propose Massive Voucher Expansion | Politico

January 27, 2014

Other Republicans, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are staging events at local schools and publishing opinion pieces this week to promote school choice in its many forms.

As a former secretary of education and ranking member of the Senate HELP Committee, Alexander has proposed voucher programs in the past, but the new bill is “definitely much further and much more comprehensive” than his other initiatives, said Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation.

Obama Administration to Allow Facebook, Google, Others More NSA Transparency | Politico

January 27, 2014

“Asking the public and policymakers to try to judge the appropriateness of the government’s surveillance practices based on a single, combined, rounded number is like asking a doctor to diagnose a patient’s shadow: only the grossest and most obvious problem, if even that, will be ever be evident,” said Kevin Bankston, policy director of the foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

After NSA Speech, Privacy Advocates Left Wanting More | Politico

January 17, 2014

“I would characterize today’s speech as baby steps when bold leaps are necessary,” said Kevin Bankston, policy director for the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute. “Much of what the president said is pointing in a good direction, but there are still a lot of key unanswered questions.”

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